How To Make Long Lasting Charcoal Fire

Who does not like to smoke of some foods on the charcoal smoker? I guess most of people love to do this kind of activity. Many people prefer to use this kind of smoker because it does what other smokers do not have. The thing that they do not have is the smoky taste. You would never able to get this taste if you do it on another smoker. We get it from the woods that we use to start the fire and there is no way that we could get it from gas or electrical.

There is only one problem on using this kind of smoker. The problem is making the long lasting fire that could last for many hours without needed to make new one. I usually have the fire only for some hours and sometimes it could be tough to make the new one. You could see that some hours your fire would start to go slowly death. I guess you do not want to spend of your most time on making and preparing it.

Actually there are some great techniques that you could depend on making lost lasting fire. These tricks would improve your fire life into 8 and even 16 hours. So, let’s see some of them.

Minion Method

This method is going to be similar with another of burn method that I am going to tell you. This method is found or developed by a person named Jim Minion. On this case, he found a way to make long lasting fire by using some briquettes. Here, you do not need much of briquettes and you only around of 8 pounds to make a great fire. Here you just need to fill of your firebox with some chips or wood chunks and place your many briquettes into it. Finally burn the fire and you get to see that fire would last for 8 and even 12 hours. This trick is pretty easy and you should really try it.

Ember Spread Method

This method is probably looks very similar to term of material and technique that you will do. Here, you will only need to use some unsoaked chunk with your unlimited coals. Remember to start your fire on the center and let the fire spread. Once the fire is started to burn, the only thing that you have to do here is close the lid and keep the temperature for around 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to keep this temperature for getting the best result. I really recommend you to buy a food thermometer for doing this case. The coals would burn slowly and this is the main reason that you are going to get a steadily fire for many hours. Just check it if you have some time.

Snake Method

Why is it called as the snake method? Well the main reason here is because you are going to arrange of your charcoal into a C shape on your grill grate. Remember that you need to use the coil for around three coals or the method is going to not work. I personally us this method for almost the entirely time since it is easier to do.

There is another variation which is called as the Domino method. Everything what you need is similar, but here you have to arrange your charcoal into orderly in the row. The result is similar to what you are going to get in the above, so just pick any one that you prefer for this case.

Top Burn Method

This one method is quietly unique since it is compatible or work very well with briquettes or lump charcoal. This could be a great alternative method if you are not able to find some briquettes since you are able to use lump charcoal. Here, just arrange of your charcoal lump or briquettes into three quarters and start the fire with your tool. The fire would remain for many hours and it would be good for your party.

Final Thought

There is now that we are not able to make long lasting fire. Many people said its impossible because they do not know how do it correctly. The methods above are the proof that you are able to make a great long lasting fire without needed to make a new one. Those methods are already used by many Gurus so do not have afraid that it would not work. I personally love to use the snake method on my Bradley Charcoal smoker because it is unique and fun to do. It is just my personal opinion and you could pick any one that you like. At last enjoy of your barbequing and please leave any suggestion or comment if you want. Then, see you next time.

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