How to Make Nice and Creative Wall Arts in Simple Way

Bedroom design idea will not be complete unless you include some decorations in. Well, there are various ways we can do to decorate bedroom. However, wall art does seem to be favored by many homeowners. Speaking about wall art, it does not have to be way too attractive so that it can contribute something. Sometimes, simple wall arts will do just fine for nice and creative decors.

Wall Art #1: Yarn Wall Hanger

Among simple wall arts, I will gladly recommend this one here. Although it is called hanger, this one will only act as wall décor. All you need to do is to hang a long, thick branch on the wall. Then, tie strands of yarn with different colors in line onto that branch. Make sure you tie lots of strands so that the yarn wall hanger looks visible as wall decoration. Make sure the colors are colorful and different than the color of the wall paint.

Wall Art #2: Paper Cut Outs

This wall art is another thing that is amazing to realize. You will work on to make 3D pattern on paper colors. How about trying to make leaf pattern then? Draw middle line of leaf pattern on black paper and cut it out. Then, draw curved lines branching from it on both sides. Use cutter to simply slice along the line, not cutting it out. After that, fold the paper in the opposite direction of the curve. Layer it on top of green paper to finish it.

Wall arts don’t always have to be bought new. It would be more interesting if you can make it on your own. There are many simple DIY wall arts that are nice and creative-looking after all.

Wall Art #3: Jute Rope Word

This one is pretty interesting to try too, you know. As you might know, you will work on making word wall art. It is similar to letter wall art, but we will use jute rope to form the word this time. All you need to do is to prepare flat board. Draw the word with IWK font and make it as nice as possible. Stick jute rope with sticky glue along the line of that word written in such word font. Hang the board on the wall and you are done with it.

There you go. Those three wall arts are simple choices you can try on your own. Of course, the result would be amazingly nice and creative. This way, there is no need to even specifically buy wall decors. Not to mention, these wall arts are considered to be DIY type. It saves way much money than buying new decors. What do you think? If there is simpler and more affordable way, it is worth to try it.

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